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I’m feeling like a star! No but seriously, except for some minor discomfort in the abdominal area I feel pretty fantastic. Mentally it’s even better for the anxious person I tend to become during work hours, instead I kinda don’t give a shit if something comes up that could trigger anxiety. The multiple apps I’m using say (am I the only one using like five pregnancy apps?) that by now I should be constipated, have heart burn and weird cravings. None of this is true for me tough – yay!

The baby is also making itself heard by kicking and flipping around in there, making it all seem more real. Yes, I still have some doubt about this actually happening. I have been feeling the flutters and kicks since week 17, or maybe even earlier but confusing it with movements of my intestines. It’s such a weird feeling that I still don’t have a particularly big bump (most days people still confuse it with bloating) but there is clearly something kicking around in there and most body parts of the baby are fully developed by now.

Tomorrow we are going in for another scan – the 7 I think. Yups, in Russia they’re all about scans, I’ve done scans on weeks 5, 6, 7, 10, 12, 16 and now 19. Quite a big U/S album to keep!

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