Pregnancy week 20 and Kegel muscles

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Halfway through the pregnancy! The baby is the size of a Belgian endive/axolotl/banana, depending on which pregnancy app to trust. I have three apps that keep me updated of what’s going on in the little bump, plus they feed me with some tips and tricks during the days

Ovia Pregnancy

Good for everyday information plus it’s super cute that they insert the baby’s name in their messages. It’s scientific info about do’s and don’ts during pregnancy as well as inspirational recipes and fun facts

Sprout Pregnancy

In this app you can see a simulation of the baby in 3D that changes every week. Your screen becomes the inside of the womb and you can move around the baby with your finger as it floats. There are also every-day tips and information about the progression of the pregnancy, but not as much as in Ovia

Baby 2 Body

An app focused on staying in shape while being pregnant and post-partum. Aside from tips and information on the pregnancy there are also fitness programs with pregnancy-safe exercises for various levels of intensity. The exercises work well at the gym as well as for home environment

Measuring your Kegel muscles

On the exercise note – Kegels, it’s so confusing! I have heard about it before and that one should do at least 10 minute of Kegels every day even before pregnancy. Maybe TMI, but I still don’t understand if I’m doing it in the right way. Apparently, there is a device at my gym that can measure the strength of your pelvic floor, haha. I have booked an appointment for Tuesday evening to measure my strength and will get back to you with a review – stay tuned!

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