How to make an intention board

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I’ve been doing “intention boards” since April and must say it has helped a lot. You don’t have to share it on your social media if you’re more of a private person (although sharing motivates me to actually follow them), but it makes you invest 30 minutes reflecting over your current life situation. This is how I usually set up my intentions

Evaluate previous intention boards

First, I go back to the previous month’s intention board and evaluate what I have achieved during that month. All my intentions are not always achievable as I tend to be overly ambitious, so I try to figure out if they were really necessary or if there are other ways to incorporate them in the coming month. I try not to be too hard on myself (I get enough of that in my everyday life, haha) so I focus on the achievements and give myself a pat on the shoulder for all the good things that happened during the month.

Reflect on the present moment

For the new intention board I take a couple of minutes to connect to myself. I do so with some music, candles, incense sticks and a cup of tea, but a proper meditation session would also work. Then I write down what I’m content with right now, and what I would like to add or take away. It doesn’t have to be a long list of things, and definitely not materialistic things, but 1-3 areas that I would like to tweak a little bit. This July, for instance, the authenticity topic is very important to me and I want to learn to be true to myself in all aspects of my everyday life. Also, as you know, I suck at mornings so I would like to do something about that too.

Develop your topics into actions

I’d like to stick to five intention points for every board, but you can of course have as many as yo like. For the first topic on authenticity, I found one main thing that I want to do more of, and two that I would like to do less of:

  • More of listening into my emotions and trying to figure out what they mean instead of fighting them
  • Less of doing things that are based on the expectations of others (and learning to identify what is truly me and what is someone else)
  • Less of trying to fit a stereotype in social media

For the morning selfcare topic (that has been around for a couple of intention boards, haha) I decided to not be overly ambitious, as that has failed before, and put down two things that I should be able to do in the morning (come on Olga!):

  • Eat a calm and healthy breakie
  • Meditate for 5 minutes to set the intention for the day

(yeps, it’s a challenge to squeeze in 5 min meditation and 20 min breakfast in my mornings, just to give you an indication over how bad things are)

Spend time on the visual

I spend about 20 minutes on writing down the intentions with different colors and images, but you could do a beautiful collage digitally as well. I prefer the offline version as I liked to paint and use my hands as a kid, while nowadays I spend so much time on the desktop or on the phone. The main idea with this exercise is to really write down your intentions and make it into something beautiful that you would enjoy looking at every day

I usually keep my intention board somewhere visible in my home – on the kitchen table, on the work desk or by my bed. It helps to remind me of what I should focus on in order to become a better version of myself. I hope this little tutorial gave you some inspiration on how you can bring small but valuable changes into your life. In a coming blogpost I will share which intentions have worked for me and those which have been a real struggle to achieve


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