Not an awesome day

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So yeah, as promised – 100% realness here today

I fell asleep around 01:00 last night (reason: searching for presents for my own birthday, so nope, can’t feel sorry for myself) and then for some reason I woke up at 05:30 and couldn’t fall back to sleep. For me this always means severe headache, my homeostasis being unable to regulate temperature, dizziness and general mental retardness. Also, as it turns out, all of these symptoms increase in intensity while pregnant.

In other words, an amazing day to have 8 meetings where you have to look smart and come up with creative ideas. I think I managed quite well in the end, I mean this is not the first time I go to work half-dead and this was nothing compared to nights when I’ve had real insomnia.

Way back when I was working as an executive headhunter in Stockholm (and suffered from insomnia), I went to the doctor to get sleeping pills and was prescribed three different kinds ”to try my way to the best”. Since I hadn’t slept for like five days I decided to go for all three, just to be sure I got some sleep. I indeed got some sleep. At 9 AM the following morning I had an interview scheduled with a potential plant manager (which is quite sleepy in itself). I heard the alarm at 7.30 AM, but the only thing that woke up was my brain. My body was like glue that just wouldn’t react to my brain’s sense of urgency. Apparently, that was the result of taking all three sleeping pills at once. Somehow I managed to get dressed while swallowing two litres of black coffe and headed for the interview. I remember having trouble pressing the elevator button in the office as my finger literary would just bend like a spaghetti when I tried to apply pressure to it. I managed to get to the interview in time, which was surprising, but I had to force my eyes wide open starring at the guy just to make sure I didn’t fall asleep. Somewhere between his description of the logistic process of pipe making and LEED certification I lost it… and fell asleep for a couple of seconds. He must’ve really thought his job was too boring to listen to, poor guy.

Luckily, for the last four years I have not had any severe periods of insomnia. And to be honest, I’d rather not sleep and go on living with that headache, than uncontrollably falling asleep in the middle of conversations with people I don’t know.

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