Friday 13th – It’s our birthday!

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Dress – Zara // Shoes – Chanel // Bag – Chanel

It’s Our Birthday!

The first thing I saw on my future husband’s Facebook when he sent me a friend request was “Birthday July 13”. I knew right away this was a sign from some unknown force. And I was willing to sacrifice and share my own birthday with this guy in order to be with him.

It was our 6th birthday yesterday and it has only been great, no jealousy or fights over who should have the attention (read – I’m getting most of it, mohahah)

We are staying at Hotel Forza Terra, super cute boutique hotel on the Kotor Bay with great service. The staff even surprised us with a birthday cake and a song in our room last morning, how nice! We had our birthday dinner at the most spectacular restaurant, Catovica Mlini. It was a 20 min boat ride that was absolutely stunning followed by a restaurant venue that looked like a piece of paradise. We shared a sole fish with traditional potatoes in spinach and enjoyed our Friday 13 in the most splendid way.

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