Pink silk dress

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Yallo my fellow beauties!

Thank you for your kind words and tips with regards to yesterday’s post about my fear of childbirth. I will try to incorporate it all in my birthplan!

There’s something with maternity clothes that I dislike. Maybe the fact that you can only use them during pregnancy, well and maybe for days you just feel ugly and fat and need to hide in something. But since there’s only 3,5 moths left of pregnancy I feel that it’s better to invest in pieces that I can use after pregnancy as well. This pink beauty is one of them. I don’t know what it will look like in 3 months, but right now it fits perfectly and it was only 50 EUR. It’s a Russian unknown designer I found at a market and there are tons of Russian beginner designers in the malls of Moscow. I love hunting for those pieces, cheap but yet great quality and design.

Somewhere on our return to Moscow this Saturday I caught a flu, which sucks since the regular flu medicine is not safe to take. Usually I don’t get sick that often, but they say ones immune system is weaker during pregnancy so voila, turns out to be true. The best thing to do is to rest and take it easy which is one of the things I’m really bad at, so here I am, back to work and yet posting this, haha

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