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Some of you have asked me what I really do for a living, if anything haha

And yes, I do have a full time job, heading up the Digital and Internal Communication departments for Oriflame CIS. My team is responsible for all external digital communication as well as all internal communications with our sales force. We plan campaigns, research trends in the digital space, have lots of brainstorming sessions, come up with cool ideas and then translate them into reality. I am surrounded by the best people imaginable – creative, funny and passionate young professionals who even dream about work at night, haha. By the way, that’s how I define a great employee. If you’re passionate about what you do, creative ideas will even come to you in your dreams.

So why did I decide to start a blog? Well, the blog is an extension of my passion for marketing and digital communication, which in turn is rooted in my need to be creative and to express myself. This is a space where I can be myself and do the things I dream about at night which I can’t apply to my day job.

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