It’s a Boy! But does it matter?

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So as the title indicates, we are having a boy in mid-November!

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We’ve actually known the sex since week 9 of pregnancy, so we’ve had quite some time to acquaint ourselves with this fact. As I’ve been trying to get pregnant through IVF for years, we really wanted to make sure everything seemed ok with the baby as early in the pregnancy as possible. So I decided to have a prenatal screening test. This is a non-invasive blood test done in week 7 from the arm of the mum-to-be, so it’s completely safe for the baby. The test searches for certain serious chromosomal abnormalities of the fetus which increase the likelihood of miscarriage. The test I took is called the Harmony Test and the results were done in two weeks.

Although that’s not why we did the test, it also detects gender. So we found out we are expecting a boy quite early in the pregnancy. During the 12 week screening the doctor could also confirm this fact visually 🙂

There’s one thing about the way people typically react when they find out about a baby’s gender that I have started thinking about only when it happened to me (I’ve probably said the same thing tones of times). The conversation usually goes something like this:

– Congratulations on the pregnancy!
– Thank you!
– Do you know what you are having, a boy or a girl?
– We’re having a boy
– OMG, that’s great news!!! A little boy!

I’m pretty sure the reaction would be equally “great” if it had been a girl, but why is the reaction to the gender of the baby so much more expressive than to the pregnancy itself? This had me realize how extremely gender fixated we are, how we for some reason feel so much relief from knowing the gender in order to put the baby in the right box in our brains. I haven’t yet figured out what to do with this information, but it has for sure made me think twice about my own gender fixation and the way I construct my stereotypes.


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