Trends in Marketing & Consumer Behaviour 2020

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As promised, sharing insights from one of my favorite themes – about future trends in marketing and consumer behavior. I have divided them into four main Mega Trends that in its turn consist of Micro Trends. There are of course more trends out there but I have chosen the ones I personally think are the most interesting. Enjoy!


With the digital communication storm we are exposed to every day telling us what to look like, how to be successful and what to buy, it’s no surprise that anxiety and depression have increased dramatically over the course of the past few years. Luckily, Millennials and Gen Zs aren’t afraid of asking for what they need, so several consumer trends have developed to help people cope with the problems they are experiencing in today’s digital world.

Tech Therapy

Apps and websites offering therapeutic and psychological help for the mind. They vary from simple self-tracking lists with notifications to more complex therapy sessions in CBT and personal development. The Olive Bracelet has taken it even further incorporating a wearable device that tracks your stress levels and guides you to maintain a positive state of mind

Sophisticated Cannabis

The legalization of marijuana in many parts of the USA has resulted in a big wave of sophisticated branding and new ways to use the substance. This trend can be seen in the minimalistic THC and CBD pastilles Beboe’s Sativa, gourmet restaurants focusing on edible cannabis, marijuana infused cosmetics and scented candles and female entrepreneur cannabis communities.

Sensory Marketing

The desire for emotional and sensory connection has led to brands exploring new ways to connect with their customers. Yoga brand Chroma Yoga offers products intended to switch on different moods by using a combination of light, sound, scent and color. Other brands offer products designed to enhance different feelings and moods such as Oh Yeah! Lip balms

Mental Empowerment Communities

Through platforms like Instagram and Facebook people from around the world gather in communities to spread mental wellbeing to one another. Some are niched like the Postpartum Community for new mums who are looking for support in facing the challenges that come with giving birth, breastfeeding and taking care of a newborn, while other communities are based on more general mental health empowerment like the Scariest Bug Ever Community which uses humor and recognition to overcome daily anxiety triggers


This trend comes from two directions – as an extension of the health & wellness movement and also in response to the rising anxiety and depression levels described above. The yoga and herb influenced wellness space has given alternative medicine and ancient wisdom a new acceptance among the many health & wellness fans. Spirituality has become mainstream in forms such as meditation, burning sage, crystal healing and astrology readings.

Soul Influencers

Instead of fashion influencers Millennials are now looking for soul influencers who can guide their spiritual awakening and general mental health. It started out with “light spiritual” influencers like Yoga Girl, who first focused on yoga as physical exercise but then moved on to becoming more of a mental coach to her many followers. The ancient Indian practice Ayurveda is also gaining popularity through soul influencers like Sahara Rose , while healing and shamanism are must-do trends for celebrities in LA with shamans like Shaman Durek hugely in demand.

Self-care as a trending concept

Spirituality also blends together with wellness in the trendy concept of self-care with plans and instructions on how you can make sure to spend enough time on yourself and your health. Taking an essential oil infused bath during full moon while applying healing crystals on your body, is just one of the many self-care to-dos on your list

Good vibes only

Concepts that previously were considered whu-whu have become increasingly mainstream, like the idea expressed through the term “Good Vibes Only”, which can be found on numerous trending Pinterest and Instagram accounts. Although different people give it different meanings, it is often a reference to the Law of Attraction, which is a belief that positive thoughts “energetically vibrate in a beneficial way for wishes to manifest”. The Law of Attraction has found new and modern forms in the digital space through platforms like Free and Native


Mother Nature has gained increased respect with the rise of the wellness and spirituality trends, but also as a result of science and innovation (as well as due to the environmental problems facing our planet).

Forest Bathing

It’s hardly a new activity to spend some time enjoying the serenity of a forest, but in its latest form this trend started in Japan (called Shinrin-Yoku) and quickly spread to wellness enthusiasts in the west. The fact that there was a need to invent a trendy word for such a basic thing as a walk in the forest probably shows how desperate we are to get closer to nature. This practice has now been commercialized all over the world, for instance by the Swedish Nature & Forest Therapy Program

Nature at home

Following the same desire for closeness to nature in everyday life, another new yet old trend is filling your home with plants and interiors of natural materials. The urge for naturalness has also found its way to the equipment we use at home – water bottles without BPA, glass containers rather than plastic and wooden kitchen tools are all expressions of this trend.

Biohacking and bio intelligence

Scientific breakthroughs and innovations are bringing us closer to nature and the way it works. Bio hacking and bio intelligence are a consequence of us now knowing so much more about the way our bodies function on a cellular and genetic level, which gives us valuable information to optimize and customize our physical wellness. Commercial genetic testing like Ancestry has brought these possibilities closer to the consumer making us aware of individual genetic risks as well as heritage. Tests like DNAfit uses genetic analysis to create a super-customized health and fitness plan for each client depending on their gene structure.


Social Media as a marketing tool is underprized

According to the digital marketing guru Gary Vaynerchuk, the price of social media marketing is currently way too low and there should be significant price increases in the coming years. He draws this conclusion based on the price for ads on Facebook and Instagram, as well as on market fees requested by influencers for brand collaborations. So if you’re planning to launch a campaign using social media – now may be the time.

5G and mobile overtake

It’s no news that we’re spending lots of time on our mobile devices (on average more than 4 hours per day, to be precise), but with 5G our mobile experience will evolve into a new era of mobile connectivity. A mobile first approach in e-commerce (or M-commerce) will be standardized and intuitive mobile interfaces will become a hygiene factor for brands to survive.

Voice will keep evolving as media

We already see the popularity (and preference) of voice driven media such as podcasts which will keep evolving as more brands see the potential of this channel for high quality advertisement. But the way we communicate digitally will also likely shift from text to voice and video.

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