Can we stay truly authentic?

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The bump road show started off in Jurmala, Latvia, where my dad, step-mother and little sister live. I moved from Latvia to Sweden with my mum when I was six, but I spent every childhood summer in Jurmala so coming here is a bit like returning to those childhood days of endless summer. There is something about Jurmala, probably a combination of the mile-long beach and the fresh air, which really opens my mind to new perspectives.

Between the summer breeze and waves from the sea I got to think about the concept of ”Authenticity” and what it really means. My initial idea was to call this blog ”Authentic Living”, but right before the launch I changed it to just my name. As I wrote in the very first post (you can read it here ), the whole idea with this blog is to stay true to myself and express my actual thoughts and beliefs. The name ”Authentic Living” was supposed to remind me of this purpose. But then I realized the obvious: that you can only be authentic if and to the extent that you actually know yourself, and that there always are things we never understand about ourselves. I mean, a particular emotion or urge may feel authentic but can often be a projection of an internalised belief we’ve been schooled into believing. So had I named this blog ”Authentic Living”, it would be like saying ”Follow me, I’m lost!”

Some say that in order to become more authentic you have to stop listening to others, connect with your inner self and only operate from that state. This would mean that you could never be part of a social context and ”belong” to something. To be authentic would mean to be alone. But does it have to be this way? There must be a way for us to be part of something but still be able to find our true beliefs. We should be better at knowing our personal truths physically, mentally and emotionally in order to distinguish between what has been projected and what is our core. I don’t have an answer how to do this at this moment, but I promise to share my baby steps if they occur. And talking about babies. The prospect of becoming a mother has caused me to wonder how I can become a parent who acknowledges my child’s true beliefs… I guess this thought has crossed the mind of many parents of today. I think I have a lot of reading about parenting in front of my, haha

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