Should men participate in childbirth?

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T-shirt – Valentino // Shoes – Valentino // Skirt – H&M

Time flies and I’m in week 26 of my pregnancy so I’ll be entering the thirds trimester in like two weeks! I haven’t prepped ANY baby stuff at home yet but have instead been focusing on the birthing process (due to my fear of birth ). In general I still feel good and I haven’t got any major discomforts from the pregnancy while the belly is still quite small so I can easily cover it up with that red skirt you see on the pictures

The baby boy is the size of a large zucchini, weights just over 1 kg and he is measuring bigger than average for 26 weeks, so I wonder where he fits in there. The kicking is becoming even stronger and by now you can actually see the movements with the eye. When I’m busy with work I sometimes forget that I’m pregnant so when he kicks and flips around in there my immediate thought is that it’s our cat Astrid. Is this normal? Astrid is quite an active cat so I guess it’s my only point of reference, haha

Tomorrow we will be starting our Hypnobirthing program with an English-speaking lady we found here in Moscow so I will keep you updated on how that went. After LOTS of research (so me, haha) I found that Hypnobirthing seems to be the best method to use as it also works with fears and anxiety related to childbirth.

I’ve also ordered an EPI-NO device which both helps with training the pelvic floor as well as preparing for the pushing stage to avoid tearing during labor (!). A friend recommended this thing and since my main fear is related to tearing, I just had to get one.

Should the husband/partner participate in childbirth?

Yesterday I asked my Russian followers on Instagram what they thought of the husband/partner being part of the birthing process. Lot of people voted and turns out that 75% think that a man should NOT witness the brithing process of his child. At the hospital where I probably will give birth there is even a special service avaliable, where the woman gets her hair and makeup done while the baby is cleaned up and put in nice clothes, so that when the husband’s arrives to meet mum and baby for the first time, they will look like a diaper commercial from the 90ies.

The explanations I’ve heard about this common view is that men seing their partner suffer and not looking very sexy can distroy the dynamic of the relationship. For me this is nuts. Then the dynamic must’ve been quite strange in the first place.

I sometimes forget how different we are culturally. It’s not something I notice on an everyday basis, but then when it happens it reminds me of how different we are. My parents were also raised in this culture having the same views, and I’m glad that I was given the chance to look at things differently during my upbringing.

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