My secret skin care routine that works

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So a fat disclaimer here – *BIG SKIN CARE NERD ALERT*

Working in the beauty industry my mind has gone nuts on skin care and antiaging. So for those who cares, I will now share my latest big fat skin care routine that I found working.

Since I became pregnant my skin suddenly changed from always being oily to dry. They say that one’s skin gets all glowy and radiant while pregnant, but that was obviously not the case for me. All of my skin care products (that I’ve spent quite a fortune on during the last years) are all specially made for oily or combined skin and I would even bring oil-absorbing sheets with me everywhere in order to wipe my forehead and nose during the day. One good thing with oily skin is that it’s said to keep wrinkles away as the natural oil keeps the skin moisturized at all times, which is key in preventing wrinkles. So sadly I started to see an increase in wrinkles as my skin suddenly became dry. Before pregnancy I would also use retinol or vitamin A drops in my routine which helps keeping the skin young, but retinol is prohibited during pregnancy and lactation. So double trouble for the skin care nerd that I am!

I’ve spent quite some time in trying to find a new routine that actually works, and I think I’ve finally found it, alongside a mental condition called Skin Care Obsession


Makeup remover
I’ve always removed makeup with an oil based makeup remover since I use waterproof mascara, and I believe it has also kept the skin around my eyes in good shape as it gives it that little extra moist before applying the actual eye cream

Every three days I do deep exfoliation of the skin. I either use a scrub peeling, an electronic exfoliation brush or a chemical AHA-acid-peeling. The electronic brush and the chemical peeling are the most effective but they will give the skin a red tone for a while, so I prefer doing them before going to bed

Toning cleanser
If I’ve not been deep-exfoliating the skin I’d like to use a toning cleanser in order to take away excess oil and makeup from the makeup remover. This way the skin is well prepared for the next steps of the routine

Exfoliation cleanser
I’m a big fan on BHA-liquids, I’d like to sprinkle some on my hands and apply it all over the face (and some extra on problem my areas such as the lines between my eye brows, thinking it will help, haha). The BHA-acid will work on your skin cells during the day by loosening the bonds between dead surface layers and the radiant skin beneath them. This will help even out wrinkles, take away dead skin cells (which basically is the same as “dry skin”) and make the pores look smaller. Who don’t want all of this! I can really see a difference on the condition of my skin on days I forget to apply my BHA-liquid


While the generous amount of BHA-liquid is drying I’m applying an eye cream. I prefer the ones with some energizing ingredients to help the eye “wake up” in the morning, and also I try to avoid too thick eye creams as they will look messy under the highlighter. A dermatologist once told me I should avoid ultra-moisturizing eye creams since they tend to make the eyes look more puffy as a result of all that hydration

Okey, so here comes the most nerdy part. I actually have four different serums that I mix and then apply with a face massage device (picture above) in order to get them deeper into the skin. Yeps, being a skin care nerd is a mental condition! The serums I use have the following ingredients and functions:

1. Hyaluronic acid serum – a well-known ingredient that actually goes deep into the skin and helps plumping it from the inside. This is the same ingredient used in filler injections, which is of course more effective if injected under the skin

2. Collagen serum – Collagen is also a widely used ingredient in anti-aging that helps keeping the skin elastic and thus making it “bounce back” if stretched. This ingredient can also be added as an edible supplement to build up from the inside, but since it’s not proven to be harmless during pregnancy I stick to the serum one

3. Ceramide serum – Ceramide is a sort of fat that makes up 50% of your skin’s composition and helps keeping the skin cells in place, which makes the skin look healthy and plump. Sun damage, pollution and loss of moisture destroys the natural ceramides which will make the skin look uneven, dry and wrinkly

4. Placenta protein serum – Yeps, you read it right, this is an extract from animal placentas that helps heal, strengthen and rebuild the skin


Day time

After my serum marathon I’d like to apply a thin layer of a self-tanning face cream to get that light tan on my face. Naturally, my face gets pale much faster than the rest of the body as I do all of these skin care things twice a day. So the self-tan helps matching the rest of the skin tone. Then I apply a light day cream with SPF50, even in the winter

Night time – the main secret
For bed time I’d like to use a thick and sloppy face moisturizer that I apply approximately 10 mins before going to bed. On top of THAT I use a night mask that sort of “captures” that night cream and makes wonders in the sleep. I’ve tried only using the night mask, but the results are not the same. Sloppy night cream + night mask is the way to go, ladies! Seriously, if doing a deep exfoliation before bed, followed by the BHA-liquid, serum marathon (the face massage device to not be forgotten!), sloppy night cream and then night mask – I wake up looking like a baby!

…And of course I’d like to apply a sheet mask every now and then, maybe once a week or so …And getting facials. I think that’s about it. You could probably say that I’m a slave in my own skin.


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