Top 5 restaurants in Moscow

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The restaurant scene is changing quite fast in Moscow at the moment, the old days of expensive and boring menus accompanied by expensive and weird interior are almost gone. Many people are now demanding interesting and tasty food at moderate prices in an authentic yet down-to-earth atmosphere. As this new market trend is not yet saturated, lots of new places are popping up (as fast as some are popping down) and one has to be a pretty frequent restaurant visitor to keep up with the speed.

Luckily, I am a frequent restaurant visitor. In fact, when I moved to Stockholm and got my first job after Uni (and realised that being a grownup sucks), I wrote down one of my life goals – to be able to eat “out” for all the three meals every day. This is something that is basically impossible if you live and work in Stockholm, but the goal didn’t specify which city I would live in (or what I would be eating) so here I am – livin’ the dream in Russia!


Great drinks and experimental European menu. The atmosphere actually reminds me of Scorpios on Mykonos, but only inside. And without the beach. And in Russia. But still, an ambient vibe and amazing Sirniki

My fave dish – Omelette with truffles


A big seafood restaurant where all kinds of people go for celebrating various occasions. The food is amazing and it’s great people watching as some of that 2000-vibe can still be sensed here

My fave dish – Langoustine with garlic

Borrowed these pics from Erwin’s Facebook page

Choice, Social Club

Super healthy food that actually tastes great (even my hubby thinks so!) and the interior is exactly in my taste (except the kitchy nudes in the bathroom). The staff is nice and the place is perfect for some laptop work and insta pictures :p

My fave dish – Lentil soup

Fumisawa Sushi

Been around for a long time and not super crowded, but I personally think this is the best sushi place in town. It’s a bit pricy (oligarch watching is part of the visit) but if you’re out for that perfect blue fin this is the place to go

My fave dish – Miso ramen

Moscow Deli

An authentic Indian-vegetarian place where you have to like to sit a bit uncomfy. They cook the fixed menu right in front of your nose and it tastes amazing. No alcohol tough, so perfect for preggers like me 🙂

My fave dish – what ever they’re serving for the day

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