My Blessingway Stockholm Edition

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Another intense weekend has passed, phew! Saturday I went to a really fun and crazy wedding of a good friend of mine, at which I was also one of the toast masters. Those of you who follow me on Instagram probably saw that I jumped around there in my shimmery dress while the bump was named “disco ball”, haha.

And as promised – recap from my blessingway evening that I organized with some close friends of mine on Sunday. I had booked Sturehof’s chamber separee for the occasion which turned out to be just perfect. We had oysters, champagne (except me obviously), delicious mains from the menu and ended it all with lots of desserts.

Blessingway is an ancient form of baby shower, where the idea is to celebrate womanhood and motherhood through gathering of close female friends and family. So no diaper cakes, chocolate pudding and baby imitations. A blessingway is usually a spiritual gathering with rose baths, massage and barefoot dinner on the floor, but I was in the mood for some luxury and decadence so I combined these two. We were all dressed as decadent power women, while sipping champagne and doing some spiritual rituals

Empowering playlist

First task for the guests was to add their favorite empowering songs to my Birthing Playlis t on Spotify. It could be any songs they like, loud as calming, that give them an empowering mood. The idea is then that I will listen to this playlist during labor as well as postpartum when I need an extra energy boost

Positive affirmations

Every guest was given two cards on which they should write their personal positive affirmations. One card was dedicated to labor while the other card was for postpartum (for days when you haven’t slept for a week and don’t know how to make the baby stop screaming). I bought a beautiful heart shaped lock on which I will put the cards for each of the occasions

Blessingway bead

All guests was informed that they had to bring a little “something” with a hole in it so that I can make a neckless out of it. My friends brought powerful crystals, shells and pendants with a unique story behind them and they had all “loaded” it with their female energy. I will wear this necklace during labor to feel their power

Flower power

The guests brought beautiful flowers with them as a symbol for growth. Since I had to leave for Moscow early the morning I put them all next to my bed to make sure I could enjoy them before leaving Stockholm

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