Pregnancy week 32

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So this is my disco ball from this weeken’s wedding 🙂

Today he’s turning 32 weeks and growing just as he should. At our last ultrasound at 31 weeks (I think iu was the 12th ultrasound this pregnancy) he was measuring a bit bigger than average and his weight was 1,7 kilos so I guess he’s closer to 2 kilos today. This week the melanin production kicks in so if he’s got hair on his head it should start having a color. There is a saying that if the mother did not experience heartburn during pregnancy, the baby will be born without hair. I have not had any heartburn, so let’s see if this is true, haha. The kicking is also less frequent now, which has to do with less space in the womb. But when he kicks it’s quite significant, I must say. Sometimes it happens during meetings at work and when I’m not prepared (which I’m not most of the time) I flinch quite noticebly which must look a bit strange

I’m still feeling great, no pains or discomforts. Last week I was experiencing some Braxton-Hicks contractions and my uterus was quite stiff, so I was prescribed some extra progesterone which has relaxed the uterus and now everything is back to normal. Also, progesterone has a sleep aid effect which I don’t mind having. There’s only one week left at work so I’m looking forward to having time to prep for the arrival our our little guy. I haven’t bought anything baby related so it’s about time now. Tonight we have another session of Hypnobirthing and I hope to be able to write a post about how it’s going and what I think of Hypnobirthing in the coming days.

Have a great day!

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