How my husband and I met

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I saw on my Facebook feed that someone was looking for interesting stories about how couples met for an article. I replied with a short description of how me and my husband met and was startled with likes. They thought it was a great story but since we don’t live in Sweden it was not suitable for the article in mind. Therefore I thought I’d write it here instead, without discrimination of where I’ve chosen to live 🙂

It was on January 26 2013, I had just gotten a new job at H&M in Russia and was moving to Moscow to start my new position and new life as an expat in Russia. I had never been to Moscow before and I only knew one person who lived there, an acquaint from Uni. She told me that on the day of my arrival there will be a huge Swedish party and that I should come too. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to crash a party where I didn’t know anyone right from the airport, as my flight would arrive just an hour before the party started. Also, this party was a serious one with the costume theme Circus, so it meant I somehow had to wear a circus outfit as well.


I posted this pic on Instagram on the way to the Arlanda airport

On the plane I finally decided that I should crash that party. When would I be given a chance to meet the whole Swedish community in one place at once? That I had packed all my life in three huge bags shouldn’t be a problem either, in fact, I probably would be able to put together a circus outfit out of all the options! I started to go through different circus-outfit options in my head out of what I had packed for my one-entry-visa. After landing I installed myself and my bags in an airport bathroom to put on makeup and the outfit, which I proudly called The Emo Clown

Not a lot of engagement on my Instagram back then, haha

I arrived to the party with my three big pieces of traveling luggage, said hello to the hosts (who luckily turned out to be as crazy as me and didn’t think it was weird that the “new girl” crashed their party) and took my seat at the dinner. This was a very well organized and thought through event where the hosts had professionally trained themselves in various acrobatic circus performances and the guests had gone all-in with the costumes, specially designed for this particular event. I felt a bit underdressed in my improvised clown outfit, but I had a really good story to counter with

A great party that I will always remember

After a couple of drinks and red caviar the dinner ended and all the guests ended up on the dance floor. And there he was, the tall, handsome magician with a silver cape, hat and a magic wand. After some dancing we started to talk and ended up hanging around together all night long. The wonderful hosts to the party (who later became good friends of ours) gave us this picture framed for our wedding, it’s probably our first conversation:

The memories after this picture are quite blurry, but I found myself waking up next to him in the morning, haha. I remember he had to catch a flight and I had to find out where the heck I had moved and where I would stay the coming days. Since he was away we went on our first proper date one week later and the weekend after I moved in to his apartment. He actually tricked me into thinking that I could stay in his apartment while looking for my own place, but everything felt so right that I actually never looked for anything. So we’ve been living together ever since and with every day our love and bond are just growing stronger


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