The Art in our Home

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Over the course of the five years that we’ve been living in Moscow our home has become more and more cozy. Its not uncommon that expats who lives in Moscow never really invest in interior, furniture and art as you never know how long you’ll be staying here. But for me and my husband it’s been quite clear that we’ll stay here for a while and I’m glad that we’ve spent some time on our interior and decorating our home in the way we want – Scandinavian. It’s quite hard to find furnished apartments here that fully correspond to the Scandinavian taste. We’ve seen some interesting examples with lots of gold, Swarowsky details and red velvet. Not very Scandi, haha

Today I’ll share with you some of the things we have on our walls at home

We found this one at a small contemporary gallery in my hometown Malmö. It’s made of many small dots, a technique called Pointillism

This one we got during our honey moon in Bali. We were actually somewhat ricked into buying it by a person who worked at the hotel at the hotel we stayed in. He told us he would take us to an art gallery, but instead we ended up in his house where he kept his father’s paintings. Or at least that’s what he said. We never actually met the father. However, we ended up buying this painting to support the village economy and get rid of the guy, haha


Both of these paintings are made by the young Russian artist Kirill Garshin. I really like the extreme Russian everyday realism that still somehow looks beautiful on the walls

This one is from young Russian artist (Pavel Otdelnov) who also works in the ”kitchen sink realism” style but with a twist.. Realistic Soviet apartment buildings that are anything but beautiful, but they are accompanied by that blue sky and neon pixels. The contrasts made us really like this one

This painting contains one of Mihail Chemiakin’s surrealistic motives. It was a gift from my grandparents in Sweden. I remember growing up with Chemiakin’s paintings in our home in Malmo so I’m very happy that we have one of our own


These are magazine covers from the Soviet magazine ”Ogonyek” . Since I’m a former figure skater I thought these would fit very well in our home

This little fella is a gift from my family and it makes me so happy when I look at it. The artist is Romero Britto and all of his sculptures and paintings are in these lively colors and design.

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