How many % of you in your life?

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So this is what a normal working day may look like at Oriflame. Or at least if you work with this team, haha

This fall we’ve launched the campaign called ”100 YOU”, where we ask women all over CIS how many % of themselves they have in their life. We first ask them to check themselves by filling in a test that will tell you how many % you actually have. Then we have developed digital planners for improving the % of You in your life by focusing on health, beauty, time management and motivation. We all know that we sometimes feel guilty for spending time on ourselves, which we think is wrong – ”put your seatbelt on first, and then on the child” they say on airplanes.

And just to make sure that the marketing team is spending sufficient time on themselves, the best boss in the world (and inspiring travel blogger!) Linda Voltaireorganised a pampering party for the team in her own apartment here in Moscow. Its was so much fun!

Why not crash your bosses shower?

Some Digital Communication Brainstorming

The CIS Marketing Team <3

It was quite fun watching the guys get drunker and more creative in their outfit choices

We had to give the unibrow trend a try. What do you think? Should I get it tattooed to buy forehead? Haha

There she is, the best boss

Ze End. As they say in Russia

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