Pregnancy week 35

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It’s getting close!

How’s mum?

I’m still feeling quite well and have loads of energy. I’ve started to do swimming instead of the gym as my Braxton Hicks increased quite a lot from the gym exercise. Magne B6 also helps relaxing the muscles so I’m taking them as well. We’ve now finished our Hypnobirthing course and I’ve been feeling much more relaxed with childbirth until yesterday evening when I saw a video on the Empowered Birth Project Instagram account. That was not very empowering. The whole idea with that account is to give women confidence and strength prior to their birth experiences, but this video made me question if I still want to do a natural birth… To tear all the way up is not really what I needed to see right now. I’ll keep exercising with my Epi No device and hope for the best I guess

How’s the baby?

There’s not a lot of space in there to move so I’m glad he’s been head down for the past month, prepping for labor. His body is now fully developed and the coming weeks he’ll just be putting on some more fat to become all cute and cuddly. The only thing that needs more development is his lungs and they should be ”ready” within two weeks from now. His weight is now around 2,4 KG (which is only 500 grams less than I was when I was born, gosh!)

The sun is shining in Moscow today, so I look forward to some nice walks and hanging out with some mamas!

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