Blessingway / Boho Shower in Moscow

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So last weekend I had my second Blessingway (which is like a Baby Shower but more bohemian and a bit spiritual) here in Moscow. My beautiful girl friends gathered to celebrate motherhood, eat vegetarian-mexican food and have some champagne in the middle of the day.

I ordered the food from Fresh Restaurant in Moscow and was amazed about the amount of food haha. They serve healthy vegan and vegetarian food but also have wine on the menu which is totally in line with my health philosophy


Trying to imitate a bohemian mum-to-be, I was wearing a spacious see-through dress by the Russian designer Marina Rimer, Chanel sandals and a flower wreath

The girls arrived around noon and were immediately handed their glas of champagne

My cat Astrid still thinks everything is for her and that she’s the center of attention

Don’t be fooled by what might look like cute girl talk! All of the guests are ambitious career women with impressive track records, while also being true beauties. That’s the test you need to pass to be my friend 😈

And just like last time, we had a couple of rituals to prepare for my motherhood

Everybody had brought a little something with a symbolic value and a story to it. It was so touching listening to all of the stories behind each piece – some where pieces of someones’ grandmother’s necklace that she wore during her pregnancy, some brought different versions of the ”evil eye” and one friend even gave me her ring that she has been wearing for as long as I know her!

The final collection that will make up the necklace

Finally, I couldn’t have a Boho Shower without decorating the bump. I bought cute tattoo stickers and glitter decoration that we put on the bump, while laughing like crazy. It did feel a bit silly but the result was quite cute, what did you think?


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