Bank Hotel Stockholm Review

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On our last trip to Stockholm we decided to spice things up and try the newly opened Bank Hotel in Stockholm. It’s a boutique hotel in a former bank office located on Arsenalgatan just next to Bukowskis.

The interior

The general interior design is a classic jugend style with velour and gold details. I’m a big fan of checkered floors in combination with a high ceiling so the hotel restaurant Bonnie won my heart in terms of interior. The room interior was also classic but with a more modern touch which complemented the view pretty well.


The service

It might have been the fact that the hotel had just opened, but it seemed like the routines and processes were not quite set yet. The hotel staff were very friendly and quick, while the restaurant staff seemed to need a little more practice. It took quite some time to order and then they messed up the orders. Overall the service was attentive and humble so I’m sure they will work out their routines soon as well




The food

I ordered one of my favorite dishes – cooked artichoke with salt butter and Bonnie’s version was amaaaazing. Also the bread and cream cheese served in the beginning were delicious. Then I ordered a burrata which was good but not amazing (I would prefer tomatoes with more flavor to them) and for dessert we shared the Melon Bowl which was also good but not great. The couple next to us shared their Smashed Piggy Bank dessert which both looked yummy and super-instagrammable at the same time, so I’ll definitely go for that ones I go back for that artichoke!

Breakfast was great with lots of tasty choices, both as buffet as well as the a la carte.



Other facilities

There’s a gym with all the classic equipment with a view of the restaurant and there’s also a bar with a slighty decadent atmosphere which I liked. The WiFi was fast BUT kept logging out all the time which was quite frustrating. And last but not least – the noise from Bistro Arsenal bar located across the street was very loud until 01:00 both Friday and Saturday. It’s a great bar, but not fun to listen to for preggers like me 🙂




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