My Book Project

    by olgaringquist


    As some of you might have guessed (based on the non-clickable button “Book Project” on top of this page) I’m working on a book project. I started high school as part of the splendid program called “Natural Sciences with a Medicin, Chemistry and Biology focus”, which I could take for about one second before feeling totally bereaved of all creative abilities, so I asked the authorities to change the orientation for my program. I changed to a program called something like “Social Science with a Journalistic focus”, not that I ever wanted to become a journalist, but just to make sure there wouldn’t be any advanced math, physics and other soul diminishing courses. That’s about when I started to immerse myself into writing and started to form a dream about one day writing my own book (not in English obviously, LOL).

    There was no writing career for me after High School as this is about when my hubris on becoming a successful business woman started to take form (which led to my studies in Economics and basically my whole career until now), but that book dream was somehow always with me somewhere in the back of my head. When I learned that I too was going on maternity leave I felt obligated to make that book dream come true.

    There are tons of ways and strategies on writing a book, everything from just sitting down without a plan and let the pen lead the way of the story, to extremely planned and deep-laid outlines where the writer will know the reade’s reaction on each page. I’ve chosen something in between – I know how the book starts and ends and what characters will participate in it, I also know what chapters the book will contain of and I know approximately what will happen in each chapter. But then I let the pen (or, well the keyboard) decide how the story evolves.

    I was thinking that I will let you follow my writing process here on the blog, if you’d be interested of course, and soon I might even reveal what the book will be about. Stay tuned!



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